About Braggenrites.com


Braggenrites was originally founded in 2002, as a South Florida local publication “Braggenrites Magazine”. It's Founder envisioned a publication from the perspective of “The Everyday Guy” automotive enthusiast, who with limited time and resources was able to take their ride to a level worthy of notoriety”. Braggenrites Magazine hit the streets of South Florida January 2003. Within a year of it’s release it gained the attention of sponsors, and advertiser such as BF Goodrich Tires, and Motegi Racing Wheels. Changing economic times, caused the magazine to never truly gained enough momentum to break thru as a national publication. But in 2012, Braggenrites was given a chance at rebirth. The costly medium of print was replaced by Internet Broadcasting as the articles and pictures became internet video "Webisodes". Now with over 11 years of broadcasting experience, it's founder continues to focus his company on the "every day car enthusiast".