US Drift Circuit Rd 3 (09/28/2013) – BRtv Episode 4

It took a while, but here’s our take on the latest US Drift Circuit event which took place at Sun Life Stadium in South Florida this passed September 28, 2013. The event went real smooth till the end of the night (around 10 PM), when mother nature did what it tends to do here in the South Florida during he Summer. It rained! And when I say that it rained, I mean it came down like cats and dogs. So naturally that kinda took the flow out of the show, and began a series of rain interrupted moments of drifting. To tell you the truth it got really kinda silly, and after rain shower three, we called it quits, packed up out gear, and headed home. Sorry, but we really hung in there, but by the time we gave up trying to finish the filming, the equipment was more important than getting the shot.