US Drift Circuit & It’s Founder Chris Jackson (BRtv Episode 2)

If you don’t know about or never heard about US Drift Circuit, then here’s your opportunity to not only learn about it, but meet the man behind it all. Chris Jackson is a South Florida drifter and shop owner who’s decided to embark on the tough task of creating his own drifting series. Along with the help of his friends and family this 26 year easily underestimated former knuckle head pulled off arguably one of the best drift events in South Florida this year, and maybe to date. Without the huge budget of professional organizations like Formula Drift for example, Chris has pulled from his know how of drifting and his local clout among other low budget drifters to put together a respectable operation; which feeds off the name his built for himself in South Florida. This passed March, 2013 we ( were fortunate enough to associate ourselves with the USDC thanks to the mutual friend, namely Tim Murphy whom we’ve know since way back in 2003 when we put Tim’s car (back then) on the cover of Braggenrites Magazine. Chris brought us onboard as presenters of the car show portion of this USDC event. The Show went without a hitch and now has spawned a round two to the event which is coming up this June 30th at Sun Life Stadium. We can’t wait to be a part of this historic event. Yeah, I said historic. It is our firm belief that the US Drift Circuit has a very bright future ahead, and we are very appreciative to be a part of that. On this episode of TV we’ve tried to give you guys a better understanding of Chris, his shop “Jackson Performance”, his US Drift Circuit, and most of all the vibe of that day. It was awesome, and we hope you like the episode.

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